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Core Value of Corporate Culture

For customers:

KUNTIN Group sticks to the guide of industry, and based on real estate, provides development in China of international enterprises with professional services of investment and construction of fixed assets. At the same time of customizing high quality of industrial properties services, the Group significantly reduces costs and risks of investment in China for foreign enterprises. Besides, KUNTIN will establish a platform of communication and business handling with governments, apply for best preferential policies, supplies complete full-flow housekeeping type of services, assist and accelerate enterprises to rapidly develop in China.

For society:

As an important window and platform of local governments and development zone to perform investment promotion, KUNTIN operate under a business mode that meets the investment needs and requirements of international enterprise and possesses many advantages and great attraction. The introduction to international famous enterprise accelerates the rapid growth o local GDP and taxes and creates more jobs. It is not only favorable for regional industry upgrading and various function completion, but also efficiently raises the brand influence in regions and gains considerable economic and social benefits.


Persist in the service idea of “high-end industry, high-end enterprise, high-end quality, and high-end service”, and be the leader of high-end industrial real estate investment in China

High end industry: introduce high-end industries;

High-end enterprise:perform investment services aiming at World Top 500 and international famous enterprises;

High-end quality:invest and construct high quality parks and projects;

High-end service: provide high-end customized services for foreign enterprises

Group vision

Cooperate with KUNTIN and win together in China

To build the most powerful and professional service platform for investment of international enterprises;

To create a new mode of international enterprises investment promotion and high-end industry introduction in China’s industry real estate field;

To extend a bridge of communication and business handling between international enterprises and governments of all levels in China and development zones;

To distribute all areas in China, select key strategic and investing places, provide high quality property investment for international enterprises to develop in China, offer professional services of the entire flow, and help enterprises to develop rapidly in China;

To establish a flagship brand of high-end industry real estate investment in China and behave as the leader of the industry.