National Park

2013 KUNTIN Suzhou International Medical Device Industrial Park

Located in Suzhou Science & Technology Town, Planning land area approx. 700 Mu, Phase I 130 Mu planning GFA 180,000sqm.

KUNTIN Suzhou International Medical Device Industrial Park planning to start the construction in 3Q of 2014 and target completion date is 1Q 2016. The park is designed in a European style with low plot ratio and high green ratio. And the building is base on the specification of the medical device companies’ requirement which will provide a very good condition to the multinational companies’ multi function and operation requirements.

Suzhou Science & Technology Town has become the 2nd location of Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology and which provide the high convenience of the government approval to the companies. The whole park provide the service facilities to meet the daily living requirement of the companies and staffs.

The main industry is International Medical Device and other high-tech industries HQ and R&D use.