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Property services

We provide property management and value-added service system for Business Park and we also provide property management, property services, asset management and other value-added services to enterprises in the Park. Attentive service, safety facilities, civilized order and elegant environment, Property Management Center provides 24 hours service, which insure you a safer and easier environment.

  • Complimentary shuttle bus, Metro Hub docking, direct drainage of subway and to China trade, China World Trade Center site
  • Milk booking, press service
  • Ticket
  • Bicycle and motor inflatable
  • Water, electricity withholding
  • Taxi option and car rental
  • Picking up dry cleaning
  • Travel agent
  • Guests and friends Shuttle
  • Onsite inspection of facilities and guiding safe use, such as electrical wiring, water, drainage, household appliances and other professional examination
  • SMS blessing in holidays and other important festivals