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Property services

We provide property management and value-added service system for Business Park and we also provide property management, property services, asset management and other value-added services to enterprises in the Park. Attentive service, safety facilities, civilized order and elegant environment, Property Management Center provides 24 hours service, which insure you a safer and easier environment.

  • Park intelligent and network include distance induction garage management system, access control, video intercom system, and door and window magnetic alarm system, electronic patrolling system, monitoring system, alarm system and fire linkage.
  • Management and maintenance of alarm systems, perimeter alarm system etc.
  • Monitoring equipment room 24 hours staff on duty, safe and effective data preservation in one month.
  • Main entrances and control room 24 hours on duty, park areas regularly patrol
  • Public area and related facilities regular maintenance and the record
  • Environmental protection including daily cleaning, cleaning public areas, garbage removal, landscape water treatment, conservation of urban green space
  • Regular cleaning of public areas such as walls, water facilities and waste disposal station
  • Regular work in public areas such as pest control ( flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, rats )
  • Fire prevention, regular fire propaganda and drills, contingency plans and ensure the implementation.
  • Plant maintenance and decoration of public areas during the festivals.
  • Re-decoration management
  • Parking management