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Opportunities to share the wealth of life, Tai Ming International Garden held high-end wealth sharon


   In October 26, 2013,  organized by the China life Museum, the theme of "high-end wealth sharing Salon" was held successfully inTaiMingInternational Business Gardensales office. The event attracted a large number of high-end wealth salon membership, executives of major banks and securities firms appreciated together the enterprise individual model Tai Ming International and shared the experience of wealth financial investment.

   During the event, participants learned the detail of the Tai Ming International project and product’s characteristics. Many participants showed that the development of Taihu was at an unprecedented golden opportunity and had a good future, it fited the needs of future development of enterprises. At the same time in use of the good business climate and resources in the region, enterprises will develop rapidly. In addition, several participants showed great interesting in Tai Ming international projects. The characteristics and the quality of the products touched them deeply.

   It is reported, with an international vision and operating experience,TaiMing InternationalBusiness Gardenimproves the value of headquarters office. The project has a total construction area of 66,000 square meters, independent apartment style, meticulous exquisite stone facade, independent logo wall, reflect the tolerance of business. Unique location, ecological office environment, rational layout, natural courtyard, a full range of international comprehensiveness make a perfect business space and make a balance of  office landscape, leisure, commerce, industry and resources.

  Tai Ming international business garden, with the most professional service team, the integration of resources, attracts enterprises to settle, we will provide brand promotion, channel construction, innovation, market development, the wealth creation, resource sharing for enterprises. We will make the use of our resource to help the enterprises in the park to achieve the  development and the rapid growth. Now, Tai Ming International together with Sina offer a discount of 100,000 to 500,000.