Kuntin Dynamics

"The Digging ceremony of GE Healthcare Medical Research Chinese trial operation Technology Park project"


       In the afternoon of November 12, 2013, "the ceremony of GE Healthcare Medical  Research Chinese trial Operation Technology Park Project" (here after as “GE HTP”)  was held. The Mayor of Beijing Economic Development Zone Administrative Commission Zhang Boxu, the vice director Sheng Licheng, the president of Kuntin Group, GE medical group president John Dineen, GE medical group Greater China president and CEO Rachel Duan witnessed together  this historic moment.

"GE HTP"  is located in the core area of BDA. Built by Kuntin Group, the park has a gross floor area of about 80,000 square meters. Kuntin Group adheres to the idea of the industry as the pilot and the real estate as the carrier, and provides services of fixed asset investment and construction for international enterprises inChina. Kuntin not only provides high-quality industrial property but also helps the enterprise to greatly reduce the investment cost and risk inChina. Besides, Kuntin will build the communication and service platform with government to apply for the most preferential policies and provide a better service during the process, assist and promote a quick development of enterprise inChina. The joint of Kuntin Investment Management Group and GE China medical group contributes to the upgrade of ”Built-to-Suit” mode and to enhance the visibility and influence in the international market. The completion of the project will have a strong influence on the change of business cooperation mode between the well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

GE HTP project has considerable economic and social benefit. The completion of the project has great significance to promote the economic and social development of the BDA. The world 500 strong enterprise USA GE Corp, is one of the largest cross-industry, technology, manufacturing and service enterprises in the world, no. 16 on the fortune 500, with 151.6 billion in sales 2011. The branch GE Chinese medical group has a sales revenue of $ 5 billion, the number of employees reaches 14000 and it has 50 sub-branches inChina. The GE China medical group aims to integrate its separated important operation and R & D department and to build operations and research and development headquarter inBeijingeconomic and Technological Development Zone. This shows that GE is intended to enhance its  strategy and market position inChina. GE is growing itsChinabusiness rapidly and the businesses is in good shape. GE will integrates its management, sales and R&D department together, the completion of the project will bring significant  tax revenue, employment and other economic, social benefits for the Development Zone.

The GE medical China R & D trial operation technology park project promotes the the development of bio-medicine industry of BDA, improves the supporting industries, and has important significance in industrial upgrading. Now there are more than 200 bio-medicine companies inBeijingeconomic and Technological Development Zone, including 34 drugs production enterprises,  21 medical equipment enterprises and 137 development and outsourcing service enterprises. GE healthcare is known as one of the most successful foreign investors in theChina's rapid-growing Medical industry, GDP accounts for more than 75 % of the city in the same industry, ranks first in the country. GE medical group is the world's top medical equipment, medical technology, manufacturers and service provider. This time, the location ofChinaheadquarters and R & D department in the Zone will effectively enhance the bio-pharmaceutical industry and the development of medical equipment and manufacturing technology, will promote the development of the park and has a positive effect on improving the district industrial upgrading. At the same time, GE medical, with the hundreds of medical enterprises in the Zone will form a complete upstream and downstream industry chain to improve the supporting industries. Besides, the location of GE will improve the brand visibility and influence of the Zone and will play an important role in promoting the construction of a well-known international and domestic bio pharmaceutical industrial park.