Kuntin Dynamics

Join hands with Kun Ding to create an emergency economy in Southwest China


On September 20, 2018, the "China (Chengdu) International Emergency Industry Development Forum 2018" and the "Sichuan Emergency Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Alliance 2018 Annual Meeting and Series of Professional Matching Activities" were held in the "China-Europe Center" of Chengdu. Kunding Group was accepted as the vice-chairman unit of Sichuan Emergency Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Alliance. Invited to participate in the forum. Ye Hangbing, deputy governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, and Yu Tao, deputy director of the Bureau of Operational Monitoring and Coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended and delivered speeches. (Figure 1)


At the Council of Sichuan Emergency Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Alliance, Kunding Group, as an investment and operation service provider of high-end industrial parks in China, was elected Vice-Chairman of Sichuan Emergency Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Alliance by virtue of Kunding Chengdu Central European Emergency Industrial Park Project. Yang Dong, vice president of Kun Ding Group and general manager of Chengdu company, attended and spoke as representatives. 


Yang Dongzhong reviewed the precise judgments made by Kunding Group in promoting the development of international emergency industry cooperation in the past two years. By integrating German, French, British, Italian, Western and Israeli industrial resources, the EU Emergency Industry Alliance was established to promote the establishment of Chengdu as the best investment alternative city in China for European emergency enterprises. With the strong support of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and the local government, the "Kunding Chengdu Central European Emergency Industrial Park" landed in Chengdu Shuangliu in December 2017, and became the real promoter of Kunding Group to help the development of Southwest emergency economy. Kunding Chengdu China-Europe Emergency Industrial Park is committed to becoming a Southwest emergency industrial center. It will integrate domestic and foreign emergency industry related resources, make use of national and local industrial development policies, and make use of Kunding Group's strong ability to attract foreign capital to build the park into a "one space, two platforms" for the development of political, industrial, academic and research integration. The ecosphere will eventually realize the integration of industry and capital accumulation, and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements into the whole industrial chain. Yang expressed his gratitude to Yao Ping, chairman of the alliance, for his support to the Kunding Chengdu project, and said that Kunding would take the initiative to contribute to the development of Sichuan emergency industry, such as the Sichuan Modern Emergency Industry Research Institute and Sichuan Emergency Industry Fund. 


Kunding Chengdu Central European Emergency Industrial Park is located in the West Airport Development Zone of Shuangliu District in Chengdu City. It is an international first-class security emergency industrial agglomeration area with three leading industries (electronic information, new energy and aviation) as the core, which is jointly built by Kunding Group, Shuangliu District People's Government and Sichuan Emergency Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Alliance. . The total area of the project is about 1000 mu, and the plan is divided into three phases. According to the industrial complex planning and design, the construction and development of single-storey and multi-storey factory buildings, research and development buildings, incubators, headquarters single office, enterprise customized zones and supporting facilities for life.