Helping international medium to small enterprises enter China, in building a comprehensive high-end industry park.

Kuntin supports incoming enterprises with technology, equipment, industry policy and financial services, so to enable the sustainable development of the high-end industry park.

“Incubation” facilities, “micro-headquarters”, innovation centres and other such facilties shall be offered as real estate and investment services according to the size, development, and functional demands of the enterprise.

Forms of cooperation

Easily usable, high quality, well-equipped international industry parks will be offered as investment and National Park in the form of rented or sold solutions, so as to enable faster

involvement and an increase in industrial land usage and efficiency.

Admission Cooperation Process

1. Communicate with enterprise in finding out its needs (including industry environment needed, development strategies, and real estate functions)

2. Offer recommended proposals (based on the actual situations and development needs of enterprises; real estate, consultancy and other solutions will also be recommended).

3. Confirm collaboration (including forms of rent / sale)

4. Liaise with government (including beneficial policies)

5. Rent / buy properties in industry park

6. Contract signature

7. Entry of enterprise (full service offers, including corporate registration, and project management)

8. Operations Services (offered following enterprise entry; this includes technical support, applying for national projects, industrial management approval procedures and other related services according to world standards)