International Business Property customized

Model of International Enterprise Real Estate Customisation :

Helping enterprises enter China; offering them customised services. Based on the needs of the client, customised real estate sales / rent solutions will be offered.

Based on the investment, production, R&D and work demands of the international enterprise, real estate, and solutions featuring lowered risks and costs, will be offered to the client in form of rents or sales.

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Research and Development Centre

Production Centre

Logistics Centre

Data Centre

Our Clients

Customised Real Estate Process

1. Communicate with enterprise in finding out its needs (including industry environment needed, development strategies, and real estate functions)

2. Offer recommended proposals (based on the actual situations and development needs of enterprises; real estate, consultancy and other solutions will also be recommended).

3. Confirm collaboration (including forms of rent / sale)

4. Liaise with government (including beneficial policies)

5. Rent / buy customised solution

6. Confirm planned development & construction solutions (to be decided by both sides according to demand)

7. Confirm collaboration solution (to be determined by design solution cost estimation; this will further lead to the confirmation of rent / sales prices and construction duration)

8. Sign contract

9. Build new project (to be completed as agreed by contract)

10. Move into new building

11. Operations Services (offered following enterprise entry; this includes technical support, applying for national projects, industrial management approval procedures and other related services according to world standards)