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Introduction to Kuntin

KUNTIN GROUP — The Leader of High-End Industrial Real Estate Investments in China。

Kuntin Investment Management Group was founded in 2009. It is presently the leader of China’s enterprises in the field of the development and operation of China’s high-end real estate industry.

Kuntin Group believes the guiding principle of emphasising both on industry and service. It operates its business by offering and serving to high-end industries, enterprises, quality and service. The company focuses exclusively on providing Global 500 and internationally renowned enterprises with a variety of real estate investment services. In deepening our knowledge of what international enterprises operating in China desire, Kuntin offers, according to the principles of “unified planning, design by need, full customisation”, a new business space including production, office, and additional services as a single, integrated whole. Kuntin has already served GE, ABB, IBA and many other world enterprises with a variety of real estate projects, including Asia-Pacific logistics and production centres, large-scale data centres, R&D centres, and others. In serving international enterprises, it has accumulated both sufficient working experience and a well-known reputation in the industry.

Presently, Kuntin Group has firm collaborations with the governments of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Zhengzhou, and will build comprehensive industrial parks and professionalised tech parks.

Kuntin is building China’s high-end industry real estate investment flagship brand as an industrial leader.