National Park

Undettion:2012 GE Healthcare HQ Build-to-suit Purchase project

  • GE Healthcare planning to consolidate the 5 current projects into this new Asia Pacific Headquarter. GFA 57,000sqm above ground and 19,000sqm underground.
  • The HQ is including 30,000sqm Grade A office Building and 18,000sqm R&D Building and approx. 9,000sqm supporting facility area. This project is with LEED CERTIFIED.
  • Kuntin win this significant project after 3 rounds international bidding as the only one private PRC company
  • Kuntin successfully acquire the land in BDA core area with a favorable price due to the solid relationship with local government
  • The construction commencement date is Nov 2013 and currently this project is under construction in a good schedule and cost due to Kuntin’s experience to service MNCs and cooperation with international real estate consultancy company. This project is cooperate with CBRE transaction and PM team.