Core Advantages

Create China’s New Model in Introducing International Enterprises to Industry Real Estate

Create the Most Powerful and Professional International Enterprise Investment Service Platform

Kuntin Group has a complete market network both inside and outside of China, with offices in Frankfurt and collaborations with a variety of world banks as agents. It also has firm contacts with business associations overseas, so as to offer consultancy, planning and construction & management services as a platform for enterprises investing in China. It also serves as an important window to showcase China’s regional industry development.

Global Vision


The Beijing Foreign Enterprises Service Corporation (FESCO), established in 1979, is China’s first entity serving foreign enterprises and their Chinese representatives. It offers personnel and talents for foreign financial and economic firms and makes itself an ideal first choice for multicultural enterprises in China. As part of one of China’s most powerful 500 companies, FESCO, is a competitive and noted brand in China’s HR system. 

RSBK Germany

RSBK is a strategic consultancy founded by former German Defence Minister and SDP party chief Rudolf Schärping. This company focuses on public management and domestic & international strategies. In 2010, Kuntin started collaborating with RSBK so as to develop together high-end international enterprise parks in China.


CEBEX Group is committed to the creation of a world-level smart e-commerce platform for China. Its services include venture capital services, strategic “incubation” consultancy, branding and market development, as well as HR strategy and large-scale corporate real estate. Many consultancies, including Incubate and China Entrepreneurs, are part of CEBEX Group’s service brands.


FPX of Sweden is the largest GIS enterprise in Europe. The company is involved in the creation and development of “smart cities”. It is sponsored by the EU and Swedish government as a non-profit. Presently, the NPO boasts a membership of 200. In 2012 and 2013, FPX attained top honours in Europe, and is well-respected and is influential in the continent.

In 2013, Kuntin and FPX created the Sweden China Innovation Centre, attracting European and Swedish “smart city” enterprises to China, thus creating a new, beneficial and innovative entity.